Redbridge Owners’ Association
Board of Directors Meeting
June 23, 2016
7:00 PM
Redbridge House – 2935 Redbridge Road, Tracy, CA

7:00 PM Call to Order

Homeowners Forum – Each homeowner will be given 3-5 minutes to speak in accordance with the Open Meeting Act, 1363.05, or the total of 20 minutes will be granted for all to address the Board regarding items of interest or concern as time permits. There will be a second Homeowners Forum held at the end of the Open Board Meeting for any final comments.

1. Review May 26, 2019 Minutes
2. Review 2016 Annual Calendar, Management Report, and Task List
1. Review May 2016 Financial Report
2. Collections and Lien Approvals for Delinquent Accounts
Committee Reports  
1. Aesthetic Review: Nugent , Chairperson; BOD Liaison Strickland 
2. Social Committee: Heather Hamer, Chair/McDonald Board Liaison
3. Traffic Committee: Maryann Davidson Chairperson
4. IT Oversight Committee:   Board Liaison Strickland
5. Development Adhoc Committee:  Tom Rauch, Chair/BOD Liaison
6. Common Area Landscape:  J. Quigley, Chair; BOD Liaison Davidson 
6.1 General Store – concrete at back door 
6.2 Discuss Tree Root Monitoring Program Specifications   
6.3 Discuss Street Tree Education Plan   
6.4 Review Various Landscape and Tree Proposals:
6.4.1 Replace irrigation controller / general store
6.4.2 Repair irrigation and install lawn on Harmony and Mockingbird
6.4.3 Repair due to irrigation run off by a homeowner
Action Items/Discussion Items    
1 Discuss General Store Operations  
2 Review/Discuss Access System Replacement Options
3 Comcast Service Agreement & Compensation Offer
4 Discuss Amenity/Capital Improvement Addition Options
5 Review Sports Park  Swing Addition/Modification Proposal  
6 Review Board Wish List Items
7 Review Outstanding Maintenance Items
8 Clubhouse Tile Cleaning
9 Doggie Station
10 Painting Proposals/Fire Hydrants and Clubhouse  
11 Reflective Street Sign

 5:30 PM Executive Session – The following agenda items should be discussed in Executive Session in accordance with Civil Code § 1363.05:
Legal Issues    Formation of Contracts
Disciplinary Hearings  Personnel Issues
Assessment / Delinquent Issues (Foreclosure & Payment Plans)

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Redbridge Board of Directors 

Mark McDonald - Term Ends 2017
MaryAnn Davidson - Term Ends 2017
Sandy Nugent - Term Ends 2017
Tom Rauch - Term Ends 2016
Eric Strickland - Term Ends 2016
Common Interest Management Services
315 Diablo Rd, Ste. 221
Danville, CA 94526
(925) 743-3080 Phone and after hours
(925) 743-3084 Fax
Sarah Earring - Community Manager
(925) 743-3080 x239
Elizabeth Rank-
Customer Service Representative
(925) 743-3080 x271

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Official Website of the Redbridge Homeowners Association (HOA), Tracy, CA


Management would like to remind all Redbridge Residents of the issues that are and are not handled by your Security Patrol (Bay Area Patrol).

Bay Area Patrol regularly patrols the Community and conducts security checks in the Common Areas, such as the mail room, clubhouse and the General Store. They also patrol for parking enforcement and ensure that vehicles are properly registered. If security deems your call is a police matter, they will take no further action other than contacting the police.

Contact Bay Area Patrol at (510) 440-9160 x101

• Issues such as nuisances
(loud parties, barking dogs, etc.)
• Pool related issues
• Parking complaints
• Vehicle registration (after management hours)

Contact Management at (925) 743-3080
Monday – Friday between 8:30am – 4:30pm
Or email us at manager@redbridgecommunity.com
• Vehicle registration
• Maintenance items
• Any other questions, complaints & concerns

Contact Tracy Police Department at 911 or the non-emergency line at (209) 831-6550
• In the case of an actual emergency or life threatening incident, such as a domestic disturbance, suspicious activity or similar crimes

Bay Area Patrol is committed to serving the Redbridge Community and thanks you for your continued support.